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Enjoy the Rewards! You’ve earned it.

When you join The Winner's Club, and earn Slot FreePlay and other Great Rewards

Winner's Club Hour: 7AM-12Midnight


Membership Benefits

Weekly FreePlay
Daily Restaurant Rewards
Birthday FreePlay

Bonus Offers
Special Events


Membership rules

  1. Winner's Club enrollment and use of Winner's Club Card indicates acceptance of all terms and conditions of Club Rules.
  2. Members must be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Valid government-issued photo identification is required for signup and all transactions.
  4. Winner's Club card is for personal use of the individual to which it was issued only and prohibited from use by any other party.
  5. Winner's Club Member is responsible for selecting a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for their account. Each Member must keep their PIN confidential and secure and is responsible for any activity on their account when the account is accessed using their PIN.
  6. Winner's Club Member is responsible for maintaining current contact information on their account in order to receive FreePlay and other offers; Members flagged with bad mailing addresses will have their accounts placed in inactive status and will lose eligibility for benefits until contact information is corrected.
  7. Lost or stolen Winner's Club cards should be reported to the Club counter immediately.
  8. Cards left unattended in machines or found elsewhere on property will be deactivated and/or destroyed.
  9. Distributing, loaning or sharing your Winner's Club card with friends, family members and/or other players is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate revocation of Club privileges and forfeiting of any accumulated points, FreePlay, bonuses or any other rewards and/or benefits, including cancellation of membership.
  10. Any misuse, misrepresentation or false claims used to earn benefits, promotional entries or other awards may result in immediate revocation of Club privileges and loss of benefits, entries and/or awards.
  11. Excluded Patrons are not eligible for Winner's Club membership, points, promotions, rewards or jackpot winnings.
  12. Management reserves the right to change, cancel or modify these rules and cancel Winner's Club privileges without notice at any time; members must surrender all Club cards immediately upon request.
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